Create your own servers. On the fly.

Any combination of compute and storage to deliver exactly what your data center applications need.

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What we do

Your data-intensive workloads are unpredictable. And your servers come with a fixed amount of compute and storage trapped inside the box. The result? Much of those resources sit idle. Unused.

Only DriveScale software creates server infrastructure that scales and adapts to what your application needs using compute and storage elements freed from the box.

This is Composable Infrastructure

Maximize resource usage by minimizing overprovisioning

Deploy infrastructure in minutes not months

Reduce upgrade costs by decoupling compute and storage

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The DriveScale Composable Platform creates flexible, adaptable servers made of compute, storage and network fabric resources optimized to each workload. It’s designed for the demands and dynamic behavior of data-intensive computing.

2 Minutes

Spin up a big data cluster in minutes not months

40% Less

Reduction in data center footprint

70% Less

Less overprovisioning of compute and storage

Gain the agility of the cloud and reduce infrastructure costs.

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What the Industry Says

DriveScale has the potential to significantly decrease our operations workload and thus increase the velocity of delivering new products and features to our customer base.

Timothy G. Smith, SVP & GM Global Technical Infrastructure & Operations, AppNexus
We see a strong need in the market for a solution like DriveScale. Its software-based data center architecture gives IT operations a more flexible and responsive scale-out infrastructure that reduces cost and wasted resources while allowing them to quickly adapt to changing workloads.
Ashish Nadkarni, Program Director of Computing Platforms, IDC
The DriveScale System brings an elegance and simplicity in design that is the hallmark of great innovation in the data center. DriveScale employs practicality and pragmatism to solve the persistent problem of scalability faced by data center administrators without overcomplicating the issue as many have done in the past.
Ben Woo, Principal Analyst, Neuralytix
There is a very clear need in the market for a solution that enables enterprises to efficiently deploy a scale-out infrastructure to meet demands of a changing digital landscape. DriveScale is the first to offer a distinct solution that delivers all of the cost and simplicity advantages of commodity servers, with the independence and scalability of SAN storage.
Jim Miller, Computer Storage & Hyper-Converged Analyst, EMA

DriveScale’s software defined approach to data center infrastructure is unique and critical to helping us meet our scalability and flexibility needs.

Tim Smith, SVP & GM Global Technical Infrastructure & Operations, AppNexus

IT organizations are looking for solutions that enable them to add compute and storage resources separately. To meet these requirements, organizations have adopted processes that require platforms to be elastic. DriveScale’s Composable Infrastructure enables our customer to do this.

Brian Vaughan, Big Data Practice Lead, World Wide Technology

DriveScale Named a 2018 Cool Vendor in Gartner “Cool Vendors in Cloud Infrastructure” Report

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DriveScale Named a Finalist in the 2018 CRN® Tech Innovator Awards

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