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Give Your Data Center the Agility
of the Public Cloud at a Fraction of the Cost

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Game Changing Approach to Accelerating Cloud Infrastructure

DriveScale Named a 2018 Cool Vendor in Gartner “Cool Vendors in Cloud Infrastructure” Report

Gartner Cool Vendor designation

DriveScale Does for Clusters What Virtualization Did for Servers

Reduce Costs

Spend less on infrastructure and operations
  • Achieve higher utilization of compute and storage assets

  • Avoid under or over-provisioning of resources

  • De-couple compute and storage upgrades

  • Reduce data center footprint

  • Add only the resource you need: compute or storage, not both

Respond Faster

Operate your data center with the agility of a public cloud
  • Respond quickly to changing workloads

  • Spin-up clusters in minutes instead of weeks

  • Share resources across clusters and applications; no more silos

  • Recompose servers and clusters on-demand via software

  • Recover quickly from disk and server failures

Deploy with Confidence

Integrates quickly and easily into your environment
  • No changes required to the application stack

  • Works with industry standard servers and storage of your choice

  • Performance equivalent to bare metal servers with direct attached storage

  • Redundant architecture for high availability

  • Data security with encryption at rest and in flight

DriveScale Builds Hyperscale Infrastructure for Modern Workloads

"DriveScale has the potential to significantly decrease our operations workload and thus increase the velocity of delivering new products and features to our customer base."

Timothy G. Smith, AppNexus, Senior Vice President of Technical Operations

"We see a strong need in the market for a solution like DriveScale. Its software-based data center architecture gives IT operations a more flexible and responsive scale-out infrastructure that reduces cost and wasted resources while allowing them to quickly adapt to changing workloads."

Ashish Nadkarni, Program Director of Computing Platforms, IDC

"The DriveScale System brings an elegance and simplicity in design that is the hallmark of great innovation in the data center. DriveScale employs practicality and pragmatism to solve the persistent problem of scalability faced by data center administrators without overcomplicating the issue as many have done in the past."

Ben Woo, Principal Analyst, Neuralytix

"There is a very clear need in the market for a solution that enables enterprises to efficiently deploy a scale-out infrastructure to meet demands of a changing digital landscape. DriveScale is the first to offer a distinct solution that delivers all of the cost and simplicity advantages of commodity servers, with the independence and scalability of SAN storage."

Jim Miller, Computer Storage & Hyper-Converged Analyst, EMA

"DriveScale's software defined approach to data center infrastructure is unique and critical to helping us meet our scalability and flexibility needs."


Tim Smith, AppNexus, SVP TechOps

"IT organizations are looking for solutions that enable them to add compute and storage resources separately. To meet these requirements, organizations have adopted processes that require platforms to be elastic. DriveScale’s Software Composable Infrastructure enables our customer to do this."

Brian Vaughan, Big Data Practice Lead, WWT

Modern Workloads Require a New Approach: Software Composable Infrastructure

Modern workloads utilize distributed computing architectures (scale-out) to store and process very large data sets at reasonable cost and high performance. Typical examples of these modern workloads are the various applications in the Hadoop distribution, No-SQL, NewSQL, MPP databases, and some Open Stack and Object Storage projects. These modern workloads run on clusters of hundreds or thousands of commodity servers with direct attached storage. Each application has its own cluster with its specific server configuration appropriate for its type of computing.

What’s the Problem?

While scale-out architectures were developed specifically to handle modern workloads, they are inherently inflexible when managing the ratio of compute to storage. Each node or cluster has a fixed ratio of compute to storage, so as application demand changes or data grows, organizations either have to re-configure their clusters or over-provision them to meet dynamic workload needs. The result is excessive spending, underutilized resources and slow response to changing requirements.

What’s the Answer?

Software Composable Infrastructure (SCI) is a next generation data center architecture developed to directly address these issues. SCI disaggregates standard servers into pools of compute and storage resources consisting of disk-lite servers and JBODs (Just a Bunch Of Disks). IT operators can then compose servers and clusters on-the-fly under software control. For the first time, data center resources can be easily and quickly deployed where needed, even between different clusters.

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