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How do you build a Big Data  infrastructure in your data center that mimics the public cloud in terms of elasticity and shared resources? Let DriveScale show you how to build a true ‘Private Cloud’ where all the compute and storage resources are shared and can be deployed at will. You can provision clusters in minutes instead of days and get significantly better utilization of your hardware, using DriveScale’s Infrastructure Provisioning and Management tool.

The DriveScale System

DriveScale has pioneered the concept of disaggregated direct-attached storage for servers, as a unique way to architect and build data centers for Big Data applications.

DriveScale’s system gives customers and data center operators the ability to combine servers with any mix of disk drives on demand in real time. Utilizing DriveScale’s system management software administrators can deploy Hadoop clusters on the fly with minimal steps. Several racks can be managed as one and clusters can span multiple racks.


  • Single Hardware Infrastructure
  • Faster/Easier Provision


  • Grow your data center to any size
  • Manage your resources pool as one


  • Shared Resources = Higher Utilization
  • Elastic Resources = Faster On-Demand Access

Issues with Scale-Out Deployments

Typical scale-out platforms have multiple limitations:

  • Ability to respond quickly to changing application stacks and data velocity
  • Over-provisioned resources to provide service level guarantees
  • Difficulties in taking advantage of more cost efficient commodity platforms

The opportunity cost can be massive when measured against the ability to respond to changing business conditions or accelerate investigations that drive business value.

Developed with breakthrough technology, DriveScale’s architecture makes all of these problems go away.  Big Data clusters can be provisioned and scaled up or down on demand and in real time using commodity hardware.  As a result, customers save on both capital ad operational expenses.

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