Pets, Cattle and Cabbage, oh my! DriveScale Brings Scale-Out to Tech Field Day 12

Pets, Cattle and Cabbage, oh my! DriveScale Brings Scale-Out to Tech Field Day 12


Tech Field Day is a whirlwind tour of Silicon Valley companies by a group of tech bloggers and journalists. DriveScale participated in the 12th such tour organized by Gestalt IT.  Some of the other companies on the agenda for Tech Field Day 12 were Docker, Dell and EMC. We were excited to share our story with this terrific group of IT experts, get their reactions and see what they had to say about us.

And “say” they did! There were 235+ tweets from the panel and a number of blog posts chronicling the event.

I kicked off the meeting with a “family tree” of DriveScale’s founder’s backgrounds and a bit of Company Vision. The extensive and creative backgrounds of our founders got some strong reaction.

Next up, our Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Tom Lyon did a deep dive on our product’s architecture. He took some shots at traditional technologies, which are obsolete with Scale-Out.

Then our Distinguished Engineer, Chris Unkle, made it all clear with a demo.

Another Co-Founder, our CTO Satya Nishtala, walked the group through our enabling hardware.

Then Tom came back for a discussion of future directions and introduced the concept of Cabbage Computing!

Finally, I wrapped things up with a discussion of the marketplace.

All in all it was a fun session, and we enjoyed getting into the technical weeds with the TFD delegates. Thanks to you all!

About the Author:

Gene has been a serial CEO for the past 15 years having been at the helm of three companies prior to DriveScale. NetContinuum developed an application layer firewall appliance for large enterprise and web businesses and was sold to Barracuda Networks. Zero Motorcycles is the leading electric motorcycle company in the world and Gene remains on the Board of Directors. ClearPower Systems designed a waste heat recovery electric power generation system and was sold to Questor Technologies. A member of the senior management team at Sun Microsystems, Gene was Sr. Vice President/General Manager of the $4 billion/year Desktop Systems group. He also led the Workstation product group, pioneering the company’s first thin client technology, leading Sun’s first ODM deal and sponsoring the acquisition and open-sourcing of the Star Office suite, which propelled it to a globally-trusted brand. Gene was based in Japan for five years as President of Nihon-Sun, expanding Sun’s business fourfold to $800M and raising Japan’s share of Sun’s worldwide business from 9 percent to 16 percent, substantially outgrowing Sun’s business elsewhere. Gene received an A.B. in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.