DriveScale Joins Dell EMC Technology Partner Program

DriveScale Joins Dell EMC Technology Partner Program


DriveScale System Achieves Certification with Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers, Ethernet Switches and Direct Attached Storage

SUNNYVALE, CA – January 9, 2016 – DriveScale, the company that is pioneering flexible, scale-out computing for the enterprise using standard servers and commodity storage, today announced it has become a certified technology partner in Dell EMC’s Technology Partner Program. By certifying the DriveScale System on Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers, Ethernet switches and Direct Attached Storage (DAS), customers are able to simplify and optimize data centers targeted at cloud-native or cloud-ready applications with dynamic workloads. Implementing the DriveScale System reduces hardware acquisition costs and provides significant improvement in server and storage utilization – allowing organizations to implement more big data workloads.

Cloud-native infrastructure is designed for distributed scale-out applications such as big data. These modern applications require built-in resiliency and data locality. However, traditional data center infrastructures – such as DAS on server nodes – do not permit data center managers to change the ratio of compute to storage on demand. As a certified Dell EMC technology partner, DriveScale now delivers a combined solution that can be easily adopted by organizations that are adjusting to the exponential growth of big data workloads and the limits imposed by using traditional architectures that are not designed for optimal utilization of shared resources and dynamic allocation.

“By using the DriveScale System with Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers, Ethernet switches and Direct Attached Storage, customers are able to future-proof their infrastructure against the scalability challenges that have plagued enterprise companies in recent years,” says S.K. Vinod, VP of Product Management at DriveScale. “Our scale-out architecture gives enterprise companies the ability to maximize existing hardware resources – building a private cloud infrastructure for big data that optimizes these resources. Joining the Dell EMC Technology Partner Program provides DriveScale with the additional resources needed to continue to innovate the data center and in turn allows organizations to continually deliver a higher quality of service to end users by responding more quickly without having to make massive capital expenditures.”

The latest version of the DriveScale System, released in September, further empowers organizations to custom build a data center that fits their needs, providing improved storage-ready functionality, expanded server OS support for building big data infrastructures as well as proactive monitoring and issue rectification via real-time alerting. By significantly improving the economics of acquisition and operation costs of data centers, DriveScale changes the way customers purchase and deploy computing hardware through disaggregation of storage and compute. Using DriveScale’s management software, the customer can combine compute with the right amount of storage on demand depending on the kind of workload they need to run.

“In the healthcare industry, it’s critical that everything move in real time, adapting to the needs of patients, practitioners and organizations. With our healthcare analytics solutions, we need to ensure that customers get the most efficient, scalable and cost effective infrastructure available,” said Charles Boicey, Chief Innovation Officer at Clearsense. “DriveScale allows us to optimize and adjust our data center infrastructure as our needs change in the face of rapid growth. By achieving certification on additional platforms – such as Dell EMC offerings – DriveScale continues to strive for a better solution to the major challenges that face the enterprise data center.”

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About DriveScale

DriveScale is leading the charge in bringing hyperscale computing capabilities to mainstream enterprises. Its composable data center architecture transforms rigid data centers into flexible and responsive scale-out deployments. Using DriveScale, data center administrators can deploy independent pools of commodity compute and storage resources, automatically discover available assets, and combine and recombine these resources as needed. The solution is provided via a set of on-premises and SaaS tools that coordinate between multiple levels of infrastructure. With DriveScale, companies can more easily support Hadoop deployments of any size as well as other modern application workloads. DriveScale is founded by a team with deep roots in IT architecture and that has built enterprise-class systems such as Cisco UCS and Sun UltraSparc. Based in Sunnyvale, California, the company was founded in 2013. Investors include Pelion Venture Partners, Nautilus Venture Partners and Ingrasys, a wholly owned subsidiary of Foxconn. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @DriveScale_Inc.

About Dell EMC Technology Partner Program

The Dell EMC Technology Partner Program helps Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) and Solution Providers build innovative and highly competitive solutions using Dell EMC platforms. The program provides a global platform for engagement and access to Dell EMC training, tools and expertise to help technology partners deliver value to their customers. More information can be found at

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DriveScale instantly turns any data center into an elastic bare-metal cloud with on-demand instances of compute, GPU and storage, including NVMe over Fabrics, to deliver the exact resources a workload needs, and to expand, reduce or replace resources on the fly. With DriveScale, high-performance, Kubernetes clusters deploy in seconds for machine learning, advanced analytics and cloud-native applications at a fraction of the cost of the public cloud.