DataWorks Summit ReCap

DataWorks Summit ReCap


The conference formerly known as Hadoop Summit, DataWorks Summit,  just happened June 13-15,2017 in San Jose, CA. .  Lots of big take-aways; here are my faves.

  • The conference had a bunch more attendees this year, but the number of exhibitors was down. Nevertheless,  the traffic at the DriveScale booth was high quality, and not just there for the swag.
  • DriveScale announced a customer deployment with Appnexus.  Huge thanks to Tim & the team there.
  • Yahoo, the company, ceased to exist this week as the Verizon deal finally closed.  But Yahoo, the people, are still showing the rest of us how Hadoop is done.  Check out this article in Datanami that summarizes a great talk given by our buddy Sumeet Singh.
  • IBM & Hortonworks announced that IBM will be reselling Hortonworks’ products, and that Hortonworks will be reselling some of IBM’s.  This means that IBM’s BigInsights customers will most likely be transitioned to Hortonworks.  This was entirely predictable given that IBM, Hortonworks, and others agreed to harmonize their Hadoop platforms by creating ODPi.  DriveScale is also a member of ODPi, where our friend Roman Shaposhnik is the VP of Technology.

About the Author:

Tom Lyon is a computing systems architect, a serial entrepreneur and a kernel hacker. Prior to founding DriveScale, Tom was founder and Chief Scientist of Nuova Systems, a start-up that led a new architectural approach to systems and networking. Nuova was acquired in 2008 by Cisco, whose highly successful UCS servers and Nexus switches are based on Nuova’s technology. He was also founder and CTO of two other technology companies. Netillion, Inc. was an early promoter of memory-over-network technology. At Ipsilon Networks, Tom invented IP Switching. Ipsilon was acquired by Nokia and provided the IP routing technology for many mobile network backbones. As employee #8 at Sun Microsystems, Tom was there from the beginning, where he contributed to the UNIX kernel, created the SunLink product family, and was one of the NFS and SPARC architects. He started his Silicon Valley career at Amdahl Corp., where he was a software architect responsible for creating Amdahl’s UNIX for mainframes technology. Tom holds numerous U.S. patents in system interconnects, memory systems, and storage. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University.

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