| Breaking Down Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra Silos – DriveScale Briefing Note | Breaking Down Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra Silos – DriveScale Briefing Note


The storage architecture of most next generation applications, like Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra, leverage local, direct attached storage to avoid excessive storage traffic on the network and keep costs down. While this architecture does accomplish its goals, it also re-creates the problem most common with any direct attached storage architecture; lack of efficiency. But shared storage is not the answer for many of these environments either. That’s because it increases costs and network traffic. Modern data centers need a solution that can strike a balance and deliver a cost effective, efficient solution that meets the performance and data locality demands of these environments. CONTINUE READING…

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DriveScale is the leader in Software Composable Infrastructure for modern workloads. Our innovative data center solution empowers IT to disaggregate compute and storage resources and quickly and easily recompose them to meet the needs of the business. Enterprises can respond faster to changing application environments, maximize the efficiency of their assets and save on equipment and operating expenses. DriveScale supports modern workloads such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, NoSQL, Cassandra, Docker, Kubernetes and other distributed applications at a fraction of the cost of alternative platforms.

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