Inside Big Data | Getting Your Head Out of the Public Cloud with Composable Infrastructure

Inside Big Data | Getting Your Head Out of the Public Cloud with Composable Infrastructure


 In this special guest feature, Tom Lyon, Chief Scientist and Cofounder at DriveScale, discusses how public clouds are optimized to support traditional workloads, but are not well suited for many new data intensive applications. These demand the cost and performance advantages of bare metal infrastructure. But bare metal infrastructure is difficult to manage and often poorly utilized. A new computing platform architecture – Software Composable Infrastructure – has been created to solve these problems. Tom is a computing systems architect, a serial entrepreneur and a kernel hacker. Prior to founding DriveScale, Tom was founder and Chief Scientist of Nuova Systems, a start-up that led a new architectural approach to systems and networking. As employee #8 at Sun Microsystems, Tom was there from the beginning, where he contributed to the UNIX kernel, created the SunLink product family, and was one of the NFS and SPARC architects. Tom holds numerous U.S. patents in system interconnects, memory systems, and storage. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University. CONTINUE READING


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DriveScale instantly turns any data center into an elastic bare-metal cloud with on-demand instances of compute, GPU and storage, including NVMe over Fabrics, to deliver the exact resources a workload needs, and to expand, reduce or replace resources on the fly. With DriveScale, high-performance, Kubernetes clusters deploy in seconds for machine learning, advanced analytics and cloud-native applications at a fraction of the cost of the public cloud.

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