2018 Predictions of 38 Storage Vendors

2018 Predictions of 38 Storage Vendors


This study took place these last few weeks. We have asked a selection of 50 CEOs and other leaders of the storage industry about their 2018 predictions and got finally 38 answers to discover some trends or at least repeatable patterns and topics.

To participate companies had to produce three predictions with a short paragraph illustrating each point.

The list of vendors is: Avere Systems, C3DNA, Caringo, CloudEndure, Cloudian, Cohesity, Coraid, DataCore, Datos IO, Datrium, DDN Storage, DriveScale, E8 Storage, Elastifile, Hedvig, Igneous, Iguazio, Infinidat, iXsystems, Kaminario, Komprise, Minio, NetApp, NooBaa Storage, Panasas, Panzura, Portworx, Primary Data, ProphetStor, Quantum, Qumulo, Reduxio, Rubrik, Spanning Cloud Apps, StorONE, StrongBox Data Solutions, Vexata and WekaIO.

We studied all answers and have found out some common topics among these players. Interestingly, we didn’t notice storage or networking technologies neither specific devices or components, the only exception being NVMe.


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