Michael Dell says on-premises is more effective. We agree.

Michael Dell says on-premises is more effective. We agree.


In a recent interview with CRN magazine, Michael Dell made the argument that “when you automate and modernize the infrastructure…..an on-premises solution is much more cost effective”. You can read the entire article here.

The central premise here is that the infrastructure needs to be composable in software, in other words programmable and automated, in order to achieve the same levels of simplified consumption that is available in the public clouds. The other important consideration is the type of workload that determines where it runs better. According to Dell, there is strong momentum towards the rise of the on-premises private/hybrid cloud.

We at DriveScale couldn’t agree more with Michael. Our solution helps customers running modern workloads such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra etc build a modern infrastructure that is uniquely programmable and composable via software. This helps IT operators provision resources with the same agility and flexibility as the public cloud while saving tremendously on costs. To highlight this even further, we have a real-world example in the form of our common customer with Dell EMC, ClearSense, whose CTO Jimmy Hurff explains the reasons why he moved away from AWS and built a private cloud infrastructure here.

Just as Stephen Monteros highlights in the CRN article, when you have predictable workloads, AWS cost models can turn out to be prohibitively expensive evidenced further from the ClearSense case. To sum it up, we are in agreement that customers need an automated, programmable, software composable infrastructure that helps them assign resources on demand. That is exactly what DriveScale enables.

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