Big Data Drives Need to Rethink Infrastructure

Big Data Drives Need to Rethink Infrastructure


Big Data is exploding. The 3 V’s of Big Data – volume, variety, and velocity – cause unpredictability for IT organizations trying to get ahead of their infrastructure needs. And this rapid pace is accelerating. *According to a recent Accenture study, 79% of enterprise executives agree that companies that do not embrace Big Data will lose their competitive position and could face extinction, while a whopping 83% have already pursued Big Data projects to seize a competitive edge.

Big Data is delivering the most value to enterprises by decreasing expenses and creating new avenues for innovation and disruption, thereby transforming businesses. According to a recent McKinsey Analytics survey, nearly 50% of respondents say analytics and Big Data have fundamentally changed business practices in their sales and marketing functions. Also, more than 30% say the same about R&D across industries, with respondents in High Tech and Basic Materials & Energy report the greatest number of functions being transformed by analytics and Big Data.

IT organizations play a vital role in enabling the growth of Big Data. They are evaluating and implementing new infrastructure to:

  • Manage the growth and operational costs of big data
  • Provide elastic and flexible capacity
  • Ensure performance for diverse workloads
  • Rapidly deploy and scale

Innovative IT leaders are considering how can they better serve enterprise Big Data needs, meet service level agreements and contain costs with the newest Cloud Infrastructure offerings. Review the Cloud Infrastructure for Enterprise Big Data Infographic for more information.

*Source: 10 Charts That Will Change Your Perspective of Big Data’s Growth, Louis Columbus, Forbes, May 23, 2018 ,

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