How to Get Started with Composable Infrastructure

How to Get Started with Composable Infrastructure


Many IT organizations are planning to adopt Composable Infrastructure to create a future-proofed, agile, modern data center. We’ve gathered the key questions heard across the globe from leading IT teams and put them into an easy to consume eBook called Software Composable Infrastructure for Modern Applications: 10 Questions and 10 Answers.

Learn about the challenges with today’s infrastructure from inflexibility to overprovisioning, and how to use software composable infrastructure to maximize flexibility, economic efficiency, and reliability in just one solution. Modern data centers need cloud-like agility and scale — something your existing infrastructure may be missing.

When making infrastructure choices, you will naturally want to consider your strategies to move applications to the public cloud or to adopt hyper-convergence for more traditional applications. This eBook looks at when and where to consider these different types of infrastructure.

Finally, we provide a simple formula to get started with DriveScale’s Composable Infrastructure solution with no disruption to your existing data center. We tell you how to start adding composable resources today and dynamically compose those resources based on the needs of your modern applications.

Download and enjoy this informative eBook and please share it with your colleagues.

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