Tech Field Day 17 and Composable Infrastructure

Tech Field Day 17 and Composable Infrastructure


DriveScale hosted Tech Field Day 17 for the second time – our first time was in 2016, you can read about that day here. We welcomed 12 journalists from around the world to hear our CEO, Chief Scientist and CTO talk about DriveScale and our progress in bringing Composable Infrastructure to market. Tech Field Day brings together independent professionals from around the world to sit on an interactive panel where companies large and small present their strategies, products, and demos. These are technical professionals and they expect to get into the technical details with presenters in a live-streamed and tweeted venue. The whole event provides for a dynamic and engaging forum for both companies and journalists. The journalists then provide a rich stream of articles and perspectives over the following year.

A lot has changed for DriveScale in two years. Our category got an official name – Composable Infrastructure. It also got an official market forecast. IDC projects that the Composable/Disaggregated Infrastructure market will grow from $750M in 2018 to $4.7B in 2023. That’s a lot of new infrastructure to be deployed by leading innovators across all industry segments. In the past two years, we’ve also moved to a revenue growth stage company with large customers and many trials underway. And, we expanded into China, Japan, and Europe.

Tom Lyon, Co-Founder, and Chief Scientist provides a visionary view of the evolution of software intelligence, devices, and storage leading to the inevitability of future intelligent storage devices and composable infrastructure.

Gene Banman, CEO presents an overview of DriveScale and the company’s rapid growth in the composable infrastructure market along with customer scenarios and the growing DriveScale ecosystem of big data and storage alliance partners.

Brian Pawlowski, CTO gives a technical deep dive on composable infrastructure and the DriveScale Composable Platform as the solution for disaggregation, composition, and orchestration of infrastructure for big data, AI/ML and Kubernetes.

Chris Unkel, Distinguished Engineer demonstrates the key steps in orchestrating and automating composable infrastructure, along with real-life examples of Cassandra and Kubernetes deployments.

To see the live presentations and the journalists interactions, please view the new videos here.

I hope you enjoy this exciting new content. We look forward to welcoming the Tech Field Day team again in the future.

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