DriveScale Announces Major Customer Deployment in China

DriveScale Announces Major Customer Deployment in China


SF Express, a Global Courier, Selects DriveScale Composable Platform for Data Intensive Computing

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – January 23, 2019 –  DriveScale, the leader in delivering Composable Infrastructure for data-intensive workloads and a 2018 Cool Vendor by Gartner for Cloud Infrastructure, today announced a major customer deployment in China – SF Express. As one of the largest shipping companies in China, SF Express was challenged with trying to solve the inefficiencies and underutilization of resources in its data-intensive computing deployments. DriveScale is enabling SF Express to expand its data center and grow its operations.

SF Express Looks to DriveScale to Solve Inefficiencies and Underutilization of Resources in its Data-intensive Computing Deployments

“At SF Express we are continually challenged by growth and data center expansion. Teams repeatedly asked for more compute and storage, yet we couldn’t determine how much of the resources deployed were actually being used,” said Tim Tian, Chief Technology Officer at SF Express. “The DriveScale solution has given us extraordinary flexibility in how we deploy resources. It has eliminated overprovisioning and given us crisp insight into how much resource the cluster actually consumes greatly reducing operational complexity and waste.”

SF Express created a DriveScale deployment for its high-performance, Apache Spark-based data analysis applications. The company chose DriveScale for the architecture it enables and for cloud-like flexibility and manageability. Using DriveScale for its compute infrastructure orchestration, SF Express has been able to expand its Apache Spark environment with ease, while significantly reducing over-provisioning and maintaining the performance and high availability their services demand.SF Express is planning to grow its Spark cluster by 30% next year and is considering DriveScale for additional workloads, including Hadoop.

DriveScale Composable Platform: Transform Rigid Data Centers into Flexible and Responsive Scale-out Deployments for Data-intensive Applications

The DriveScale Composable Platform enables the flexible formation of servers with a wide range of compute to drive ratios, clustered for application deployment. These logical nodes are indistinguishable from standard rack servers with internal storage to the application that is running. The solution is provided via a set of on-premises and cloud tools that orchestrate the infrastructure. With DriveScale, companies can more easily support application deployments of any size.

“High availability was critical to our deployment and we tested it in every possible way,” said Tian. “In addition, Spark is a high-performance analytics solution and we needed to be sure DriveScale could perform just like direct-attached storage. We have been pleasantly surprised and extremely happy with the high availability and performance of the DriveScale solution.”

DriveScale continues growth in APAC

In 2018, DriveScale announced its expansion into the Asia region with the opening of a regional office in Japan to expand APAC operations and deliver its composable infrastructure solution. This was a result of the company’s ongoing engagements with a number of leading Japanese and Chinese companies in the manufacturing, automotive, retail and consumer electronics industries. DriveScale is enabling them to build more productive, responsive and easy-to-manage data centers.

“DriveScale’s leading technology is an excellent fit for the Chinese market,” said Connie Cheng, Managing Partner at Nautilus Ventures and a DriveScale board member. “This customer in China, one of the largest couriers in the world, is a testament to the value of DriveScale’s solution. I expect to see many more Chinese customers in the near future.”

“Working with SF Express is a natural next step for us following our milestones in the APAC region last year, and our expansion into China is bearing fruit with this major customer win,” said Gene Banman, CEO at DriveScale. “We are leading the charge in bringing programmable and adaptable compute infrastructure to the data center and look forward to meeting the demands in the region to support high growth, high-performance data analysis applications.”

About DriveScale

DriveScale allows server infrastructure to be composed on the fly from pools of heterogeneous, low-cost compute nodes, storage systems and network fabric. Called Composable Infrastructure, the DriveScale Composable Platform orchestrates highly available, high-performance servers designed for data-intensive applications. Customers deploy and redeploy resources in minutes, eliminate resource underutilization and reduce refresh costs by decoupling compute and storage, providing cloud agility at scale in your data center at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.DriveScale’s platform is open and works with a large ecosystem of alliance partners. Founded and led by technologists with deep roots in IT architecture who built enterprise-class systems for Cisco, Sun Microsystems and NetApp, DriveScale is based in Sunnyvale, Calif. Investors include Pelion Venture Partners, Nautilus Venture Partners and Ingrasys, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foxconn. Visit or follow us on Twitter at @DriveScale_Inc.

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About SF Holding (SF Express)

SF Holding (SF EXPRESS) based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, is the second largest integrated express logistics service provider in China. SF provides customers with one-stop integrated logistics solutions including warehousing management, sales forecasting, big data analysis, and financial management. The company is an intelligent logistics provider with the advantage of network scale who has built an integrated logistics network consisting of an “Aviation Network”, a “Ground Network” and an “Information Network”. 

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2018年1月23日加尼福尼亚森尼维尔市- DriveScale是为数据密集型工作负载交付软件可组合基础架构的领导者,同时也是Gartner评选的云基础架构类“2018最酷供应商”,该公司今日宣布其在中国的一个重要客户——顺丰快递成功部署。作为中国最大的物流公司之一,顺丰一直面临数据密集型计算资源部署的低效率与资源利用不足等问题。DriveScale帮助顺丰扩展其数据中心并促进业务增长。


“我们顺丰快递一直面临着业务增长与数据中心扩展带来的挑战。我们的团队一直要求更多的计算及存储资源,然而我们无法确定已部署的资源中哪些得到了实际的利用,”顺丰快递的首席技术官Tim Tian介绍说,“DrvieScale的解决方案让我们在部署资源的方式上拥有特别的灵活性。他们的解决方案消除了过度供应的问题,并让我们清楚地了解集群实际消耗了多少资源,从而大幅度地降低了操作复杂性和资源浪费。”

顺丰快递采用DriveScale部署其基于Apache Spark的高性能数据分析。顺丰选择DriveScale是因为采用该技术搭建的基础架构具备类似云的灵活性和管理能力。通过利用DriveScale技术进行基础架构管理,顺丰快递可以很容易扩展它的Apache Spark环境,同时维持公司业务所需的性能和高可用性,并在很大程度上减少资源过度分配。顺丰快递目前计划在2019年扩展30%的Spark集群并考虑在其他工作负载上应用DriveScale解决方案,包括Hadoop。 






“DriveScale的先进技术对中国市场来说是非常契合的,”Connie Cheng如是说,她是Nautilus Ventures的管理合伙人同时也是DriveScale的董事会成员,“这位中国客户是世界最大的物流公司,这可以证明DriveScale解决方案的价值。我期待在不远的将来看到更多中国客户。”

“继去年在亚太地区取得里程碑式的进展后,与顺丰快递合作是我们自然而然的下一步,与这一重要客户的合作是我们在中国业务拓展的硕果,”DriveScale首席执行官吉恩•班曼(Gene Banman)表示,“我们将率先将可编程和可适应的计算基础设施引入数据中心,并期待能够满足该地区支持业务高速增长和高性能数据分析应用的需求。”


DriveScale允许对那些使用异构的、低成本计算节点、存储系统和网络结构池的服务器进行组合。称为可组合基础设施的DriveScale可组合平台对专为数据密集型应用程序设计的高可用的、高性能的服务器进行管理。客户可以仅花费传统解决方案所需的部分成本,通过解耦计算和存储,获得类似私有云的灵活性,在几分钟内部署或重新部署资源,消除资源的利用不足,从而降低刷新成本。DriveScale的平台是开放的,并能够与联盟伙伴的大型生态系统一起协同工作。DriveScale总部位于加州森尼韦尔,由深具IT架构根基背景的技术人员创建和管理,他们曾为思科、Sun和NetApp等公司开发企业级系统。该公司的投资者包括Pelion Venture Partners、Nautilus Venture Partners和富士康全资子公司Ingrasys。通过www.drivescale.com了解更多信息或在Twitter上关注@DriveScale_Inc。

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