DriveScale Takes Composable Infrastructure for Data Intensive Computing to the Next Level with Availability for NVMe Over TCP

DriveScale Takes Composable Infrastructure for Data Intensive Computing to the Next Level with Availability for NVMe Over TCP


The Use of Broadly Deployed TCP for NVMe over Fabrics in Conjunction with DriveScale’s Composable Solution Will Catalyze Mainstream Adoption of NVMe

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 3, 2019 DriveScale, the leader in delivering Composable Infrastructure for data-intensive workloads and a 2018 Cool Vendor by Gartner for Cloud Infrastructure, today announced the next evolution of its flagship DriveScale Composable Platform, which now includes support for NVMe over TCP. With DriveScale’s new release, enterprise organizations now have access to the latest NVMe standard, which directly addresses the needs of big data and machine learning applications that require higher performance from their storage solutions. By offering a software-only solution that supports NVMe over TCP, DriveScale is helping customers stay ahead of the curve as legacy infrastructure solutions struggle to adapt to modern workloads.

Companies today have the ability to use advanced analytics to inform business strategy, streamline operations, identify fraud and engage in real time with customers to impact company growth, across any industry. McKinsey reports that machine learning, deep learning and other advanced analytics will unlock up to $15 trillion in value annually across all industries. To unlock this value, IT teams are storing more data and need to find solutions that scale compute and storage seamlessly and at the same time are still cost-effective.

“The demand for data analytics workloads is increasing at a rate far outpacing IT budget growth driving IT organizations to find new ways to better utilize their compute and storage resources. With DriveScale composable software, IT gains the advantages of cloud infrastructure in their own data center giving them a highly flexible solution that costs 50 percent less than what they deploy today,” said Denise Shiffman, Chief Product Officer at DriveScale. “DriveScale composes compute resources with NVMe SSD storage which is then delivered over a standard Ethernet network fabric. The addition of standard TCP will enable broad deployment of composable NVMe in any data center.”

The Benefits of NVMe Flash
NVMe provides a dramatic performance and latency advantage over SAS and SATA SSDs due to its highly parallel interface, deep queues and high endurance. There are many performance- hungry applications that demand NVMe flash storage, including IoT streaming and machine learning-based applications. To enable the greatest utilization of the NVMe drives, DriveScale enables users to carve these drives into variable-sized slices and attach them over a network to any compute node. With DriveScale, users create flexible, adaptable logical servers of any ratio of compute to storage, whether HDDs or SSDs are deployed. This enables any data center to become an elastic cloud.

“What’s really exciting about NVMe over TCP is that it enables efficient end-to-end NVMe operations over any standard IP network with excellent performance and low latency,” said Brian Pawlowski, DriveScale Chief Technology Officer. “This allows large-scale data centers, such as those adopting DriveScale’s Composable Platform, to utilize their existing ubiquitous Ethernet infrastructure. With NVMe over TCP’s inherent simplicity and ease-of-use, both human and capital costs are reduced.”

About Composable Infrastructure
Composable Infrastructure is next generation infrastructure designed to flexibly create, adapt, deploy and later re-deploy servers on the fly using pools of disaggregated and heterogeneous compute, storage and network fabric. The DriveScale Composable Platform enables users to easily orchestrate logical servers, providing enormous flexibility in composition and scale. Performance is equivalent to direct attached storage (DAS) and no changes are required to the application stack. This empowers any IT organization to easily and instantly provision and modify data center infrastructure to match changing application workloads.

NVMe over TCP is now a standard feature included in the DriveScale Composable Platform which is sold globally through a network of reseller partners, including Dell EMC. Cloud and enterprise data centers interested in DriveScale’s solution can request a demo and onsite trial via the company’s website at

About DriveScale
DriveScale creates server infrastructure composed on the fly from pools of heterogeneous, low-cost compute nodes, storage systems and network fabric. Called Composable Infrastructure, the DriveScale Composable Platform orchestrates highly available, high-performance servers designed for data-intensive applications. Customers deploy and redeploy resources in minutes, eliminate resource underutilization and reduce refresh costs by decoupling compute and storage, providing cloud agility at scale in your data center at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Visit or follow us on Twitter at @DriveScale_Inc.

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DriveScale instantly turns any data center into an elastic bare-metal cloud with on-demand instances of compute, GPU and storage, including NVMe over Fabrics, to deliver the exact resources a workload needs, and to expand, reduce or replace resources on the fly. With DriveScale, high-performance, Kubernetes clusters deploy in seconds for machine learning, advanced analytics and cloud-native applications at a fraction of the cost of the public cloud.

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