Brian Pawlowski talks with Redhat on the “X Podcast” Series

Brian Pawlowski talks with Redhat on the “X Podcast” Series


Brian Pawlowski, CTO DriveScale, talks with RedHat about “Changes to Prepare for as More Industries Rapidly Adopt K8’s”.

Kubernetes promises to bring a new scalable architecture to the data center, be it on prem, hosted or in the cloud. This fluidity of application development and hosting from your laptop to the cloud in a consistent protected environment is fueling the rapid uptake of Kubernetes across all computing segments and industries. And yet we are still basically seeing the beginning of the adoption curve. Whenever a technology disruption occurs like the one presented by Kubernetes, we ask ourselves “What is different? And what remains the same?” For the latter question, just as it was with the prior disruption of virtualization, the applications themselves remained the critical piece to get right and optimize.

So, what is Kubernetes providing applications? And what things will remain a challenge as people move towards a Kubernetes dominated world? Listen now to  RedHat and DriveScale’s Brian Pawlowski as they discuss these topics.

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