DriveScale Announces Support for Intel® Optane™ DC SSDs for NVMe-over-Fabrics

DriveScale Announces Support for Intel® Optane™ DC SSDs for NVMe-over-Fabrics


Disaggregated Storage Gets Supercharged for Latency-Sensitive, High Throughput Workloads in Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics with DriveScale and Intel Optane

SUNNYVALE, CA, March 24, 2020 – DriveScale, Inc., the leading innovator of elastic bare-metal cloud infrastructure, announced support for Intel Optane Solid State Drives (SSDs) providing secure, elastic storage and compute node configuration for high performance, low-latency infrastructure composed over a standard Ethernet network using NVMe-oF® enabling users to expand, reduce or replace storage on-the-fly.

Intel® Optane™ DC SSDs combine attributes of memory and storage with higher throughput, lower latency, higher quality-of-service (QoS), and higher endurance than NAND flash making them ideal for fast storage, extended memory and caching use cases with applications that require predictably fast response times. Optane DC SSDs support the NVMe® interface and DriveScale automatically sets up the NVMe data fabric whether it is NVMe/RDMA, NVMe/TCP or NVMe over multi-path iSCSI. The combined DriveScale and Intel Optane DC SSDs solution offers increased data availability with dual-ported Optane DC SSDs supporting third-party dual-controller storage systems and DriveScale load balancing and data placement capabilities.

“AI, machine learning, OLTP and advanced data analytics customers are hungry for the highest performance, lowest-latency solution that scales with the demands of their workloads and data,” said Denise Shiffman, Chief Product Officer, DriveScale. “With DriveScale, users can flexibly deploy Optane DC SSD storage with compute nodes and GPU nodes disaggregating resource lifecycles and reducing operations costs and complexity.”

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