Now is the time to retool your infrastructure

Now is the time to retool your infrastructure


There is currently a great deal of uncertainty resulting from the pandemic and its impact on the economy. Companies are hesitant to invest in their data center infrastructure. I’d like to propose a contrarian view. In a Q&A session, ITProPortal asked Ivo Koerner of IBM Europe if he thought businesses were neglecting their basic infrastructure needs and he answered “In short, if the application matters – the infrastructure matters.” He expands on this: Around the world, organizations across a range of different industries are leveraging software-defined infrastructure for big data analytics, AI, high-performance computing (HPC) and cloud storage. This approach enables users to efficiently deliver IT-dependent services by optimizing workload processing, storage and networking architecture. It also ensures that organizations can quickly adapt to changing business requirements. But – making sure the infrastructure is correct from the offset is vital. It saves headaches and even future investment in the short to midterm. The pandemic has shown that infrastructure is not that easy to fix if you underestimated its crucial role previously.

Data Center pre Covid19 Pandemic

These are trying times. Normal approaches to IT management have been shown to be inadequate in the face of an unprecedented disruption. Graceful journeys over time to better remote operations and automation are now being accelerated, and the imperative is to look for greater efficiencies and pathways to a future architecture that is more resilient to the challenges we are going through today.

The disaggregated data center provides tools to help in this journey. DriveScale is focused on the software-defined data center, targeting bare metal and virtualized infrastructure alike. Through policy-driven deployment and automation of common operations in the application deployment life cycle, DriveScale provides several key capabilities:

      • Build an elastic bare metal cloud using composable infrastructure
      • Dynamically define application platforms on the fly
      • Monitor, manage, reconfigure and replace platforms remotely
      • Define policies to automate operations
      • Integrate seamlessly into other data center management platforms including Kubernetes

DriveScale can help organizations not only achieve better utilization of their resources with our software-defined infrastructure solution but also speed the implementation of an infrastructure play that is up to the challenges we now face.

About the Author:

Brian Pawlowski has years of experience in building technologies and leading teams in high-growth environments at global technology companies. He is currently the CTO at DriveScale. Previously, Brian served as Vice President and Chief Architect at Pure Storage, focused on improving the user experience for the all-flash storage platform provider’s rapidly growing customer base. As CTO at storage pioneer NetApp, Brian led the first SAN product effort, founded NetApp labs to collaborate with universities and research centers on new directions in data center architectures.

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