DataWorks Summit ReCap

The conference formerly known as Hadoop Summit, DataWorks Summit,  just happened June 13-15,2017 in San Jose, CA. .  Lots of big take-aways; here are my faves. The conference had a bunch more attendees this year, but the number of exhibitors was down. Nevertheless,  the traffic at the DriveScale booth was high quality, and not just there for the swag.Continue Reading

Right-Sizing Your Big Data Infrastructure

Last month at the Strata-Hadoop conference I was privileged to give a presentation in the Solutions Showcase Theater. I spoke about right-sizing your big data infrastructure – how DriveScale can help you achieve the right compute-to-storage ratios and can consolidate various clusters into a single efficient pool of resources. The video of that talk is down below. IfContinue Reading

Composability: We do it better at DriveScale

At the Gartner Data Center conference in December 2016, analyst George Weiss gave a presentation on the “Impact of Compose-able on Next Generation Hyper convergence”. In that presentation, he claimed that by 2018, elements of compose-able functionality will ship in 20% of converged and integrated systems. I have an issue with this premise because itContinue Reading

Whatever happened to Durability?

Durability is one of the fundamental properties that people expect from data bases and file systems.  From Wikipedia: “The durability property ensures that once a transaction has been committed, it will remain so, even in the event of power loss, crashes, or errors.” Achieving durability has never been easy, and with the proliferation of newContinue Reading