CIO | Getting big data right

 The evolution of big data, data science and analytics was on full display at this year’s Strata Data Conference with one overarching message: We need to get big data right. The gathered crowd looked on with amazement and let out an audible gasp. The volunteer thought he had stumped the magician with his chosen number, 83. The magician had written 16 numbers in a four by four matrix — and 83 was nowhere in the mix.
But then the magician broke into a wide grin. “Check this out. If you add up all the numbers across each row, they add up to 83. The numbers in each column? That’s right, 83. In fact, every combination adds up to your number. Amazing, right? It’s just like what happens when you get data right — it’s like magic!”” CONTINUE READING

Storage Newsletter | DriveScale Distributed by Promark/Ingram Micro

Under the agreement, Promark will distribute the DriveScale System to its growing base of channel partners in the US. With the DriveScale System, Promark’s channel will be able to offer customers a next-generation data center architecture that supports modern workloads such as Hadoop and other big data technologies. SCI brings the benefits of hyperscale computing, originally developed by companies like Google and Amazon, to mainstream enterprises operating their own data centers. With DriveScale, IT organizations can respond faster to changing application environments, maximize the efficiency of their assets and save on equipment and operating expenses. CONTINUE READING

The Next Platform | The Ascendancy Of Ethernet Storage Fabrics

It is hard to remember that for decades, whether a system was large or small, its storage was intricately and inescapably linked to its compute.
Network attached storage, as pioneered by NetApp, helped break those links between compute and storage in the enterprise at the file level. But it was the advent of storage area networks that allowed for storage to still be reasonably tightly coupled to servers and work at the lower block level, below file systems, while at the same time allowing that storage to scale independently from the number of disks you might jam into a single box. CONTINUE READING | Breaking Down Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra Silos – DriveScale Briefing Note

The storage architecture of most next generation applications, like Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra, leverage local, direct attached storage to avoid excessive storage traffic on the network and keep costs down. While this architecture does accomplish its goals, it also re-creates the problem most common with any direct attached storage architecture; lack of efficiency. But shared storage is not the answer for many of these environments either. That’s because it increases costs and network traffic. Modern data centers need a solution that can strike a balance and deliver a cost effective, efficient solution that meets the performance and data locality demands of these environments. CONTINUE READING

Datanami | DriveScale Customers Present Use Cases at Strata Data New York 2017

DriveScale, a leader in delivering Software Composable Infrastructure (SCI) for modern workloads, today announced that Jimmy Hurff, CTO at Clearsense, a smart data organization that is re-imagining and simplifying data analytics to help healthcare organizations realize measurable value from their data, will speak at Strata Data Conference, taking place in New York City, September 25 – 28, 2017. In addition, DriveScale customer AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, will appear on a live broadcast on theCUBE, Tuesday, September 26 at 4:00pm ET, also in New York CONTINUE READING

Storage Newsletter | Dell EMC to Resell DriveScale’s Solution

    DriveScale, Inc., in software composable infrastructure (SCI) for modern workloads, announced that Dell EMC will resell its solution to help customers improve the efficiency and agility of their data center infrastructure for cloud native applications.
By offering DriveScale’s SCI technology, Dell EMC can help meet the growing demand among its customer base for a more flexible architecture to run distributed workloads such as Hadoop, Cassandra and other scale-out systems.
“Through this strategic partnership, DriveScale and Dell EMC will work toward a common goal of providing the enterprise with efficient and cost-effective infrastructure solutions,” said Gene Banman, CEO, DriveScale. “By expanding our reach into the Dell EMC customer base, we are well-positioned to help combat resource over-provisioning in the data center and help new and existing customers scale their businesses. We are proud to partner with world-class technology solution providers like Dell EMC and look forward to creating new opportunities for the channel.” CONTINUE READING