Autonomous NVMe over Fabrics

A revolutionary approach to NVMe storage and NVMe-oF

Are you considering adding high-performance flash storage in your data center? With NVMe over fabrics, you can scale NVMe flash storage seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Learn more about how you can gain the advantages of NVMe over fabrics without complexity or high cost with DriveScale.

DriveScale enables low-cost, heterogeneous "Just a Box of Flash" storage systems to be used over standard Ethernet using NVMe over RDMA (RoCEv2) or NVMe over TCP as the data fabric. DriveScale fully automates data fabric set up and drive or drive slice bindings to any server or GPU nodes. Users can expand, reduce or replace compute or storage on the fly.

With DriveScale's software platform, users can:
• Compose low-cost, heterogeneous flash storage systems
• Adapt resources on the fly
• Scale resources asymmetrically