TechNow With Tom Lyon

May 16: TechNow – Tom Lyon Speaks with Amr Awadallah, Founder and CTO of Cloudera

Amr Awadallah, Founder and CTO of Cloudera talks with Tom about which workloads are appropriate for public, on-premise or hybrid cloud environments, and why today’s data center must be flexible to run multiple types of workloads. Listen in and find out why Awadallah’s nickname is Chief Travel Officer and Chief Talking Officer.

May 2: TechNow – Tom Lyon Speaks with Special Guest, Brian Pawlowski

Tune in as Tom Lyon speaks with special guest, Brian Pawlowski, DriveScale’s new CTO. As the former Pure Storage VP & Chief Architect and NetApp CTO, Brian talks about bringing his vision to DriveScale’s leading edge Software Composable Infrastructure technology for big data workloads.

April 25: New Podcast Series: TechNow with Tom Lyon

If you don’t know Tom Lyon, well you should. He’s a pioneer in the tech business and a serial entrepreneur who’s had a front row seat in leading the development of some of the industry’s fundamental technologies. In this introductory podcast, Tom talks with OrionX analyst, Dan Olds on his path to leadership in innovation.

Starting on May 2, Tom and his guests will be broadcasting bi-weekly (every other Wednesday).

 Upcoming Guests:
  • Roman Shaposhnik, Founder of Zededa
  • J.R. Rivers, CTO of Cumulus Networks
  • Shahin Khan, Founder of OrionX