TechNow With Tom Lyon

October 17: TechNow – Tom chats with Dan Pitt

In this episode, Tom discusses all things networking with Dan Pitt, longtime expert and industry leader in data networking, telecommunications, software-defined networking, and networking virtualization. Dan is also the SVP of MEF (formerly Metro Ethernet Forum) and one of the driving forces in the industry.

October 3: TechNow – Tom chats with Ray Rothrock

In this edition of TechNow with Tom Lyon, Tom talks to Ray Rothrock, venture capitalist, nuclear engineer, cyber security expert, and current CEO of RedSeal, a firm that helps organizations quantify their digital resilience.

September 19: TechNow – Tom chats with Ivan Novick

Ivan Novick, Product Manager of Greenplum updates the TechNow with Tom Lyon listeners on how Greenplum enables massively parallel processing in PostgreSQL and integrates with Kubernetes.

September 5: TechNow – Tom chats with David Lyon

Hot shot bioinformatics programmer at the Boyce Thompson Institute, David Lyon is helping to develop higher yielding crops of sound nutrition. Find out more on TechNow with Tom Lyon.

August 22: TechNow – Tom chats with Jonathan Ellis

What’s happening with the Apache Cassandra Project? Jonathan Ellis, Co-founder of DataStax talks about that –and more– on TechNow with Tom Lyon.

August 8: TechNow – Tom chats with Phil Fultz

Tom gets a behind-the-scenes perspective with Phil Fultz, VP of Engineering at Virtual Instruments, on real-time performance monitoring and analytics-driven insights for critical applications.

July 25: TechNow – Tom chats with Bob Hinden

In this TechNow podcast, Tom and Bob Hinden, the IPv6 co-inventor, Check Point Fellow and IEEE Internet Award winner, confer about pioneering work on the Internet Engineering Task Force and Internet security.

July 11: TechNow – Tom chats with Dan Olds and Elizabeth Leake

Listen into the two-part TechNow with Tom Lyon. Tom chats with Dan Olds about how exploding data volumes are driving the need for secondary storage, followed by a discussion with Elizabeth Leake on STEM-Trek, a nonprofit supporting STEM scholars in underrepresented groups and regions.

June 27: TechNow – Tom Speaks with Roman Shaposhnik, Zededa’s Product and Strategy VP

Tom talks with Roman Shaposhnik, Zededa’s Product and Strategy VP and Board member of The Apache Software Foundation, about the Evil Empire along with the creation and distribution of open source technologies.

June 13: TechNow – Tom Lyon Speaks with Shahin Khan, Founder of OrionX and HPC expert

Tom banters with Shahin Khan, Founder of OrionX and HPC expert, about where the industry is headed with AI and deep learning. Find out why he’s bullish on block chain and how to get invited to the Dead Architecture’s Society.

May 30: TechNow – Tom Lyon Speaks with JR Rivers, Founder and CTO of Cumulus Network

In this episode, Tom talks with JR Rivers, Founder and CTO of Cumulus Networks, about forward-thinking models for open IT eco-systems, disaggregating software and hardware, and software defined networks. How does your company stack up?

May 16: TechNow – Tom Lyon Speaks with Amr Awadallah, Founder and CTO of Cloudera

Amr Awadallah, Founder and CTO of Cloudera talks with Tom about which workloads are appropriate for public, on-premise or hybrid cloud environments, and why today’s data center must be flexible to run multiple types of workloads. Listen in and find out why Awadallah’s nickname is Chief Travel Officer and Chief Talking Officer.

May 2: TechNow – Tom Lyon Speaks with Special Guest, Brian Pawlowski

Tune in as Tom Lyon speaks with special guest, Brian Pawlowski, DriveScale’s new CTO. As the former Pure Storage VP & Chief Architect and NetApp CTO, Brian talks about bringing his vision to DriveScale’s leading edge Software Composable Infrastructure technology for big data workloads.

April 25: New Podcast Series: TechNow with Tom Lyon

If you don’t know Tom Lyon, well you should. He’s a pioneer in the tech business and a serial entrepreneur who’s had a front row seat in leading the development of some of the industry’s fundamental technologies. In this introductory podcast, Tom talks with OrionX analyst, Dan Olds on his path to leadership in innovation.