Analyst Reports

Neuralytix: Does Your Storage Align With Your Application’s Architectural Principles?

Modern scale-out applications have dramatically changed the way applications and infrastructure interact with each other. Whereas traditional enterprise applications demanded large scale-up infrastructure, modern scale-out applications demand commodity components. This revolution has initiated or required new thinking in the way data center infrastructure is architected… Download

DriveScale — Vendor profile by Neuralytix

In an exclusive report by the IT infrastructure and Big Data experts at Neuralytix, learn about a revolutionary new solution for scaling compute performance and storage capacity to support  Hadoop applications. In the report, Neuralytix analyst discuss the importance of independent storage scaling, an approach that gives Big Data workloads, such as Hadoop, direct control over disk drives. This provides Data Center professionals complete scale out benefits, independent of compute and storage capacity that reduces the likelihood of over-purchasing and over-provisioning. Discover why an independent approach to compute and storage scalability offers unprecedented performance, flexibility, efficiency and cost controls…. Download

IDC Report

IDC expects Big Data and analytics–related projects to drive demand for a scalable, agile, and on-demand infrastructure. IDC finds that businesses are beginning to embrace emerging technologies such as software-defined infrastructure, industry-standard server hardware, optimized flash memory, cloud, and newer computing paradigms such as containers to power their Big Data deployments… Download