Data Sheets

DriveScale Composer

The DriveScale Composer is a central part of the DriveScale solution used to
compose and rebalance pools of infrastructure, and to create templates of repeatable configurations.
The DriveScale Composer  is the single pane of glass to view and manage the composable inventory of server nodes,
storage drives, network connections and DriveScale components in a private cloud environment.

DriveScale NVMe Appliance

DriveScale’s NVMe Appliance  is a composable software solution that runs with a variety of Flash storage appliances. This includes DriveScale’s own NVMe Appliance  which combines the speed of up to 24 dual -ported NVMe™ drives, four 100 Gbit Ethernet ports and a dual-server architecture. DriveScale’s NVMe Appliance delivers a high performance and high availability composable flash system. This allows customers to combine the right ratio of flash and compute resources to support the performance needs of applications such as NoSQL/N*SQL, Cassandra, Spark and Containers.

DriveScale HDD Appliance

DriveScale’s Software Composable Infrastructure (SCI) solution consists of DriveScale Management Servers, software agents, a cloud-based service called DriveScale Central, and in the case of hard disk drive (HDD) storage, a hardware appliance called the DriveScale HDD Appliance.