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DriveScale Corporate Fact Sheet

Today’s scale-out architecture was developed in response to the market imperative to deal with the avalanche of corporate data volumes growing at an unprecedented rate.

DriveScale helps data center infrastructure architects optimize Scale-Out environments by delivering an integrated set of tools that coordinate to provide the best of scale-up and scale-out. DriveScale’s solutions automatically discover commodity compute and storage assets, disaggregate and recombine those assets as needed, and make proactive recommendations to achieve optimal utilization of resources.
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DriveScale Technology Overview

DriveScale technology consists of software in the form of DriveScale Management Server and software agents, a hardware appliance called the “DriveScale Adapter” and a cloud-based service called DriveScale Central.

The DriveScale Management Server and DriveScale software agents coordinate to provide the core functionality of the DriveScale solution. The software composes compute and storage components into logical nodes via the DriveScale Adapter and 10GbE network.  These logical nodes are indistinguishable both in form and performance from traditional rack servers with local disk to the operating systems and applications running on them.
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