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Red Hat

Red Hat

Companies are creating more data than ever before and putting that data to work to drive their business. In order to put that data to work, infrastructure needs to be more flexible in order to handle the dynamic nature of the data, addressing over-provisioning and operational complexity. To be successful, companies need to look for ways to simplify IT operations and accelerate application and service delivery.

Composable infrastructure provides the ability to create adaptable logical servers from physical compute, storage, and network fabric. These resources are logically pooled so that IT administrators don’t have to physically configure hardware to support a specific software application. With the DriveScale Composable Platform, users can create Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® servers and clusters for easy application deployment with Red Hat OpenShift® Container Platform applications. They can add compute or storage resources as applications require, redeploy those resources when the workload completes, and instantly replace failed components to avoid downtime.

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