Webinar: Composable Compute and Storage Infrastructure

Infrastructure that can be programmed is commonly called composable infrastructure-meaning servers used for data-intensive applications are disaggregated into pools of compute nodes and storage systems, then connected into specific, continuously adaptable configurations via an API or orchestrator over a standard Ethernet network.

Brian Pawlowski presents at Storage Developers Conference 2019

“Integrating Persistent Volumes Kubernetes into a Composable Infrastructure Platform”

The Next Generation Composable Data Center

DriveScale – Western Digital Co-hosted Webinar. Join this webinar to learn how your data center can instantly gain resource elasticity and efficiency.

Software Defined Storage meets NVMe Over Fabrics

Tom Lyon, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist speaks at Flash Memory Summit 2019 in Santa Clara, CA.

DriveScale Composable Infrastructure

DriveScale creates dynamic infrastructure composed on the fly from pools of heterogeneous, low-cost compute nodes, storage systems and network fabric.

DriveScale Solution Overview

Actual Tech Ecocast
Building a Next Generation Data Center

Watch Denise Shiffman, Chief Product Officer, to learn how to transform your datacenter from inefficient legacy solutions to the latest, most efficient, data center solutions available today. You will also find solutions that will solve your data center challenges, today and in the future.

Actual Tech Ecocast
Storage, Flash, NVMe and Storage Optimization EcoCast

Watch Denise Shiffman, Chief Product Officer, to find the answers to your most challenging storage problems. As you learn how to manage, optimize, and utilize your storage infrastructure, today, and in the future.

Actual Tech Ecocast
Converged, Hyperconverged, Composable Infrastructure, and Integrated Platforms

Watch Denise Shiffman, Chief Product Officer, talk about our solution and learn how it works along with the benefits and differences of each solution.

TechNow with Tom Lyon
SC18 – November 2018

Tom Lyon interviews the all-female SC18 Student Cluster Competition team from Purdue and gets the low down on the competition, their cluster, and how the team works together.

DriveScale The Arc of Intelligence presented by Tom Lyon Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
Tech Field Day – October 18, 2018

In this visionary talk, Tom Lyon, Founder, and Chief Scientist at DriveScale presents the evolution of software intelligence, devices, and storage leading to the inevitability of future intelligent storage devices and composable infrastructure.

Company Overview presented by Gene Banman CEO
Tech Field Day – October 19, 2018

Gene Banman, CEO at DriveScale, presents an overview of DriveScale and the company’s rapid growth in the composable infrastructure market. He then discusses customers deploying composable infrastructure today and the growing DriveScale ecosystem of big data and storage alliance partners.

DriveScale Product Architecture presented by Brian Pawlowski CTO
Tech Field Day – October 18, 2018

Brian Pawlowski, Chief Technology Officer at DriveScale, gives a technical deep dive on composable infrastructure and the DriveScale Composable Platform as the solution for disaggregation, composition and orchestration of infrastructure for big data, AI/ML and Kubernetes. He focuses in on composable flash and the key applications using flash today. Use cases for big data, AI/ML and Kubernetes are also covered.

DriveScale Demo presented by Chris Unkel Distinguished Engineer
Tech Field Day – October 19, 2018

Chris Unkel, Distinguished Engineer at DriveScale, demonstrates the key steps in orchestrating and automating composable infrastructure via the DriveScale Composer, along with real-life examples of Cassandra and Kubernetes deployments.