Composable Infrastructure – Quick Provisioning

//Composable Infrastructure – Quick Provisioning
Composable Infrastructure – Quick Provisioning2018-10-26T03:16:39-07:00

Cloud-like Agility to Meet Any SLA

Need more storage? Simply add drives to the nodes in a cluster. Need more compute resources? Easily add more processor nodes. It’s not necessary to be next to the cluster or manually change the hardware. Everything can be done remotely under software control, whether using our simple GUI or leveraging our RESTful APIs from scripts. Buying more servers is no longer the only reconfiguration tool.

With DriveScale, IT can respond in minutes to any change in application workloads.

New clusters can be provisioned in minutes from existing pools of compute and storage resources – right from your keyboard. Using templates for various node or cluster configurations further speeds and simplifies the process.

When the application team comes asking for a new cluster, it’s no longer a matter of weeks to deploy.

DriveScale’s RESTful API lets administrators provision and reconfigure infrastructure from their own scripts and systems.

DriveScale’s template-driven approach to cluster composition and management means less time and fewer mistakes, thereby improving IT efficiency and reducing OpEx costs.

Cluster requirements change over time as more or less compute or storage resources are needed. Other workloads may vary from hot to cold based on business needs and priorities, or the time of day or month.

DriveScale enables easy movement of resources between clusters so you can run your data centers at maximum efficiency. No more silos!

If a server fails, software control can reassign the drives to other nodes in real time without affecting running applications. No need to accept a performance hit while the cluster makes new copies of the data on that server’s drives.

DriveScale ensures application performance in the event of a server failure.

If a disk fails, a new drive can be immediately added to that node from wherever you are. The failed drive can then be physically replaced when convenient.

Responding to failures is no longer a drain on time and resources.

When the time comes to replace old servers with the latest technology processors, it’s not necessary to copy everything from the old drives to the new ones. Simply re-assign the drives from the old server nodes to the new nodes.

DriveScale saves on the cost of replacing perfectly good drives and eliminates the downtime or performance hit spent copying data.

With DriveScale, everything is composed from a common pool of disk-lite server nodes and JBODs/JBOFs.

Forecasting, ordering and managing inventory of multiple server configurations is no longer required, freeing up time and resources.

With DriveScale, IT teams have more time to spend on new initiatives that move business forward.