Composable Infrastructure vs. Virtualization

//Composable Infrastructure vs. Virtualization
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Composable Infrastructure vs. Virtualization

Both Composable Infrastructure and server virtualization help IT optimize data center resource utilization. But SCI works from the top down, while virtualization works from the bottom up.

Composable Infrastructure

  • Combines separate compute and storage resources into physical servers and clusters under software control.
  • Allows user to optimize the servers and clusters for each workload and adjust them quickly and easily.
  • Results in more efficient use of data center resources.
  • No loss of processing power: physical servers and clusters provide bare metal performance for running workloads with no loss of processing power.

Server Virtualization

  • Slices a server into multiple virtual servers or virtual machines.
  • Works for applications that easily fit on a single server or a fraction of a server.
  • Reduces the number of servers required to run applications.
  • Creates more value from each server.
  • Virtualization’s abstraction layer adds significant overhead, requiring processing power to enable virtualization.
  • Reduced processing power for your applications: virtualization’s abstraction layer adds significant overhead, requiring significant processing power to enable the virtualization and reducing power available to applications.