Software Composable Infrastructure – Deploy it with Confidence!

Integrates Quickly and Easily Into Your Environment

DriveScale’s Software Composable Infrastructure solution can be quickly and easily deployed in any scale-out data center infrastructure. Here’s why:

DriveScale’s Software Composable Infrastructure solution works with any modern workload, including all Hadoop distributions, NoSQL databases, container-based micro-services and scores of other scale-out systems. Absolutely no changes are required to your applications to take advantage of the agility and cost savings it offers your IT team.

You can continue to use any industry standard (COTS) servers and storage in the form of JBODs. DriveScale doesn’t sell servers or disk drives, so you don’t have to qualify another vendor. In fact, our architecture lets you source your servers and disk drives from different vendors, giving you even more flexibility and price leverage.

Implementing DriveScale doesn’t mean you have to replace your existing infrastructure. Simply start purchasing disk-lite servers and JBODs for your next rack. All “composed” nodes and clusters are fully compatible with your existing equipment, and you can even create clusters that incorporate both existing and newly composed nodes. As you upgrade your existing equipment over time, you can replace them with separate server and storage components to get more efficiency and agility in your data center.

DriveScale’s SCI architecture delivers equivalent performance to bare metal servers with direct attached storage. There’s no compromise in application performance to get the cost and flexibility advantages.

DriveScale’s SAS-to-Ethernet Adapter (DSA) connects the drives in the JBOD to the ToR (Top of Rack) Ethernet switch, which in turn connects to the servers. Four DSA cards are housed in a 1u DSA chassis. Each card is independent of the others and has two SAS and two 10Gbit Ethernet connections, along with redundant power supplies in the chassis.  With two DSAs and dual ToR Ethernet switches there is no single point of failure in the system.

DriveScale delivers enterprise-grade security features with full encryption of data stored on your drives and in flight. Your sensitive customer or personal information is safe and secure. We even included a “data shredding” feature that securely erases data from drives when they’re no longer needed, helping maintain privacy and data compliance.

With DriveScale, you can be saving money and operating with the agility of a cloud provider in no time!​

DriveScale also helps IT dramatically reduce equipment and operating costs while operating your data center at maximum efficiency. See Reduce Costs.

DriveScale also helps IT respond faster to changing business requirements, recover more quickly from failures and meet or exceed existing SLAs. See Respond Faster.