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DriveScale’s revolutionary new rack scale architecture enables admins to deliver data center infrastructures and Hadoop ecosystems that are flexible and scalable to support their big data growth initiatives.

Whether your Hadoop installation consists of fewer than 100 nodes or 1000s of nodes, you can maximize the full potential of your Hadoop investment with DriveScale.

(100’s – 1000’s of Nodes)

Looking to be responsive to changing infrastructure and application needs?

Are there more efficiencies to be had from your current environment?

Deploy the DriveScale rack scale architecture solution to get the flexibility you have been missing in scale-out, as you expand your Hadoop environment.

(< 100 Nodes)

Concerned architectural decisions that you’re forced into today will constrain you in the future?

With DriveScale, everything is software defined, so as your Hadoop needs expand and morph, the environment can adjust dynamically.

Only with DriveScale do you get a future-proof Hadoop ecosystem infrastructure.

In the example, the resources for multiple Hadoop clusters are pulled out of their silos and pooled in one domain under DriveScale control.

An administrator then defined different server and cluster templates for various Hadoop use cases in his/her environment.

Hadoop Cluster 1 represents a Hadoop data lake, where the administrator instantiated a cluster with four servers from a cluster template that utilized high disk count server templates for the data nodes.

Hadoop Cluster 2 is a computationally oriented Hadoop cluster, where the administrator defined a cluster template that utilized servers composed from a small disk count server template for the data nodes and then instantiated that cluster with four servers.

Why Hadoop Administrators Love DriveScale

  • Rebalance infrastructure based on changing application stack and volume of data flow
  • Accelerate investigations that drive business value
  • Quit buying more resources than you need
  • Take the next step in commoditization
  • Increase rack density and predictability
  • Keep your management and app stack, and integrate with impunity
  • Provide flexible infrastructure that is indistinguishable from existing server infrastructure to applications running above
  • Get up to speed quickly with an intuitive UI
  • Get the information you need and automate operations programmatically using a comprehensive RESTful API
  • Use the infrastructure you love-industry standard hardware works seamlessly with DriveScale out of the box
  • Rest assured that you are deploying on infrastructure designed with failure domains in mind, from power to networking to storage interfaces
  • Deploy with the tools you need in an enterprise environment (e.g., audit logging, authentication integrations)

Get the advantages of proprietary scale-up infrastructure in a commodity Hadoop ecosystem.