The Scale in DriveScale

The DriveScale Composable Infrastructure solution was built with modern application design approaches in mind. Trends have conspired to make the divide-and-conquer approach of scale-out be the prevalent technique to [...]


D is for DriveScale

In the much anticipated series finale of this four- part series we bring you the DriveScale Solution. Did you miss the first three parts? Catch up: Part 1, Part 2 and [...]


S is for Scale Out

Picking up where we left off in this four-part series, we move into part three to explore Scale-out.  (For a refresher visit Part 1 and Part 2.) “Scale-out” exists [...]


What Ever Happened to Durability?

Durability is one of the fundamental properties that people expect from data bases and file systems.  From Wikipedia: "The durability property ensures that once a transaction has been committed, it [...]


Data Center Knowledge | DriveScale Says Big Data Needs a New Kind of Data Center Infrastructure

DriveScale, the Silicon Valley data center technology startup founded by a group of Sun and Cisco veterans who were behind some of the two iconic companies’ core data center product lines, such as Sun’s x86 servers and Cisco’s Nexus Switches and Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), has built a scale-out IT solution geared specifically for Big Data applications.Continue Reading..