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Technology Partners

DriveScale works with an ecosystem of software, storage and server vendors to provide customers with pre-tested composable infrastructure solutions that are ready to deploy. We have business relationships with our partners that allow us to bring a complete solution to customers deploying data-intensive applications.

  • For ISVs, we create verified reference architectures with leading vendors in the areas of big data platforms, object storage, MPP databases, NoSQL databases and container platforms.

  • For server vendors, we create verified reference architectures for diskless server products.

  • For storage vendors, we certify Flash and HDD products for compatibility with the DriveScale Composable Platform and partner with vendors who offer JBOD and eBOF products.

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Technology Partners

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Red Hat

Certified NVMe SSD Vendors

The DriveScale NVMe Adapter enables users to connect NVMe solid-state storage (SSD) to an Ethernet
network. It also makes it possible to better utilize flash resources by enabling slicing – the ability to
mount portions of an SSD to individual servers. By combining NVMe flash drives with the DriveScale
Composable Platform, customers can optimize the configuration of compute to flash capacity in their
cluster for applications such as NoSQL, Cassandra, Vertica, Apache Spark, and Kubernetes.

The DriveScale NVMe Adapter supports the following NVMe SSD vendors.

Intel – D4600 Family

Micron – 9200 Family

Samsung – PM983 and PM1725B Family

Toshiba – KCM51 U.2 SSD family

Western Digital – Ultrastar DC SN200 NVMe SSD Family