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With DriveScale you can transform your data center into an adaptable, elastic cloud.

The best way to experience Composable Infrastructure and learn how to turn bare metal hardware into elastic resource instances is to try it out.

Cloud-based DriveScale Test Drive

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While DriveScale enables you to build a bare-metal cloud on-premises with physical assets (in your data center or colo), you will be able to try out key functionality using virtual assets in the cloud:

• Use DriveScale Composer web console
• Create a cluster
• Deploy NVMe over fabrics
• Deploy an application bare metal
• Adapt resources on the fly (add, remove, replace)
• Release resources back to your pools
• Monitor clusters

You must have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. If not, create one here before proceeding. For information on how to do so, see the AWS documentation for Creating an AWS Account.