What Is Composable

What Is Composable2018-11-30T16:37:52-08:00

Composable Infrastructure is next-generation server infrastructure that provides the ability to flexibly create, adapt, deploy and later redeploy servers using pools of disaggregated, heterogeneous compute, storage and network fabric.

The capabilities required to be a composable infrastructure solution include:

  • Dynamic composition of heterogeneous compute platforms, storage systems and network switches
  • Operation via a single software interface and API
  • Ability to specify and change the compute to storage ratio to meet application needs
  • Ability to harness Ethernet-attached box of drives, both NVMe SSD and HDD
  • Seamless scalability up to 1000s of compute nodes and 100,000s of storage drives
  • Automated server infrastructure deployment
  • High availability for both compute and storage

According to IDC, the composable infrastructure market is estimated to grow from $752 million in 2018 to $4.7 billion in 2023. See the report here.

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